UCLA Theses


Bankruptcy to NAFTA: Mexico’s Foreign Policy Opens to the World, 1982 to 1994
Year 2008
By Carlos Alberto Contreras

Strategic Struggle for World Oil: Standard Oil of New Jersey and Hidden Elitelore in Mexico’s 1938 Expropriation
Year 2006
By Joseph Charles Theisen

Michoacanos in Los Angeles: U.S.-Mexican Transnational Culture 1920-1970
Year 1998
By Alvaro Ochoa-Serrano

Railroads and Sovereignty: Policymaking in Porfirian Mexico
Year 1994
By Arturo Grunstein

Politics of Late Industrialization: The Origins and Processes of Automobile Industry Policies in Mexico and South Korea
Year 1990
By Jong Gook Back

The Porfirian Political Elite: Life Patterns of the Delegates to the 1892 Union Liberal Convention
Year 1979
By Jacqueline Ann Rice

U.S. Foreign Aid to Latin America: Hypotheses and Patterns in Historical Statistics, 1934-1974
Year 1979
By Phillip Paul Boucher

The Instituto Nacional Indigenista and the Huichol Indians of Western Mexico
Year 1969
By Karen Barbara Reed

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