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     Mexico and the World is an online, electronic, academic web journal that is published on a quarterly basis by PROFMEX (Consortium for Mexico Policy Research) in cooperation with the University of Guadalajara.

The first issue was published in Fall l996.

The mission of this journal is to investigate and contribute to the understanding of :


The course of recent Mexican development


The challenges Mexico faces in the twenty-first century; and


Mexico's changing global role.

Quarterly issues are organized on selective topics from the fields of international relations, economics, management, political science, history, sociology, geography, science and cultural policy. Topics include research on important public policy issues such as:

Mexican internal economic and social policies
The role of the Mexican public and private sectors in the era of de-statification, including privatization of industry and land
Mexico's global role in oil policy
Mexico's role as world leader in signing free trade agreements--Mexico is the only country belonging to both NAFTA and the European Union, even negotiates with MERCOSUR and is laying the real basis for the Free Trade Area of the Americas
Mexico's foreign relations and the impact of foreign investment, global changes, and new production factors in, and on Mexico
Mexico's role as purveyor of technology

Articles in this journal are in either Spanish and English to facilitate the exchange of information among Mexican public policy researchers, as well as academics from around the world.

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